This season is inspired by mistakes, big and small. It’s all about what happens within the gaps of what’s expected. When what used to be certain, suddenly is up in the air. When what used to be normal, no longer is the norm.

We have worked with a distinct season-neutral approach – it’s a collection for summer, as well as for winter – and focus is on individuality and personal strength.

The look takes its references from both order and chaos. One side is looking into the classic world of tailoring, the other is loose and drapey, created by soft layers of fluid fabrics. The silhouette is predominantly oversized or cinched at the waist.

Classic garments, like the car coat and the double breasted blazer, are key, while traditional utility pieces, like the desert jacket, the knitted ski top and the fisherman trousers, also play important roles.

Shoulders are strong and straight and legs are elongated or cropped, always pushing the opposites in the look. Playful details, such as metal zippers and drawstrings, are paired with eclectic fabric choices and unexpected prints and patterns.

Designer: Frida Bard




In the beginning of July and August 2016, many protests where held by the Black Life Matters movement in various cities throughout USA after the killing of many innocent Afro American citizens.

BLM is an international activist movement, originating in the Afri­can-American community, that campaigns against violence and sys­temic racism toward black people.

This made me think of the Black Panther Party who worked for the same cause more than 35 years ago. How they with their uniform look consisting of leather jackets, black polo necks, berets and lace up boots formed a united strong group recognised by the whole world.

During the design process we worked much with the construction of the individual and collective identity. How we get stronger as indivi­duals in a group. Why the group identity is dominating the individual expression. Discussing how the way we dress effect how we act etc.

After a turbulent year in world politics, we wanted to create a strong, positive collection. We think of this as our sketch of an unconventional uniform for a young activist. Generic, strong garments to make you feel protected and forceful.

With our focus on the archetypes we do not wish to be without, like the duffel coat and car coat alongside with sporty windbreakers and a nylon polo neck in neon colour. Sharp tailoring in pinstripe, glitter knitted vest-tops, various checked shirts and trousers, and playful western inspired belts in patent leather.

While the silhouette is predominantly oversized or A-lined, featuring playful details and an eclectic choice of fabrics, it always emphasi­zes individuality and personal strength. Always aiming for the perfect balance between the chaos and calm. Playful and subtle. Classic and modern.


Designer: Hope Stylist: Frida Bard 



HOPE creates contemporary, high-quality fashion, aimed to inspire and emphasize individual style. We believe in progressive – yet timeless – design, strong tailoring and attention to detail.

We’re passionate about DIVERSITY, CREATIVITY and SELF EXPRESSION. There’s truly no reason why anyone today should feel limited by old fashion conventions.

For us, style comes before gender, and we encourage our customers to explore our full assortment, rather than just one department. Starting spring 2017, all our garments are labelled with both men’s and women’s sizes.


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