Filippa K AW18 by Filippa Knutsson.

Designer: Filippa Knutsson Stylist: Lisa Lindqwister & Anna Hernandez Hair: Martina Senke Make up: Ignacio Alonso Show Coordinator: Mr Smith



For the A/W 2016 collection presentation, Filippa K’s Creative Director Nina Bogstedt chose to work with two artists who are close to her heart, and close collaborators of the brand. Julia Hetta and Åsa Stenerhag share the softness, calm and clean lines that are at the core of Filippa K’s aesthetics – they also happen to be childhood friends.
Together Hetta, Stenerhag and Bogstedt have turned the presentation space into a world of its own – with works that reflect and interpret the collection, but also give it an unexpected twist.
Julia Hetta, is one of Europe’s foremost fashion photographers. She is known for her idiosyncratic fashion imagery, which often takes its inspiration from classical painting. For her shoot, Hetta used Floragatan 13, the former Czech embassy in Stockholm, as an inspiration. Like Filippa K’s collections, the 1970’s building is designed around values such as simplicity, longevity and attention to detail.
In Hetta’s pictures, the soft minimalism of the AW 2016 collection meet the sharp angles of the Brutalist building. Through play with the collection pieces, and the framing of the image, the location is turned into a surrealist space where the unexpected is to be expected.
The artist Åsa Stenerhag, has previously been part of Filippa K’s design team. In her personal practice, she is interested in tactile surfaces as well as graphic expressions. Stenerhag’s works for ”Seeking Patterns” are free, artistic interpretations of the collection, picking up on the soft colour palette, handmade feel and subtle play with proportion of the pieces.
Together these works – the collection, the photography, the paintings and the architecture – form “Seeking Patterns”. A creative collaboration where shapes, colours, materials and ideas occur and recur – inviting the beholder to seek for (intentional and unintentional) patterns.



The women´s wear collection for S/S 2016 was inspired by a relaxed and sunny L.A. with a look that is crisp and casually feminine with a focus on natural materials. The silhouette is diverse, some slim, others generous and made for layering. Three iconic classics have been reinterpreted throughout the collection: the tee-shirt, the trench and the shirt. There are also diversity in the materials such as the combination of soft qualities mixed with something rough, and drapey with something more rigid. The main focus of all materials are interesting surfaces in crispy cotton poplin and twills, cotton linens, tencel mixes and silk blends. Organic cotton yarns are used in several knit styles.

The color card for the season is more neutral than previous collections and has a base of different whites and classic khaki. Added to this are soft, warm pink and a deep wine red as well as a hint of pistacchio and sorbet pink.

Filippa K


Built on Scandinavian simplicity, Filippa K is a fashion brand designing essential wardrobe pieces for women and men, including shoes, bags and accessories.

Founded in 1993, Filippa K quickly became a pioneering brand in defining Scandinavian fashion. The aesthetic is based on minimalistic design that is contemporary yet timeless. Tailored coats and trousers, clean basics and high quality knits are the core of our collections, long lasting pieces that extend beyond seasonal trends. Our collections are available in 60 markets all over the world, at and through 50 brand stores and more than 500 selected retailers.



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