Later that night I came to designing, I thought of me, my friends and the way us women are expected to present ourselves. Should we really settle for being a mere semi-sexy bystander? I want more.

I couldn’t help but wonder, are women considered to be content with supressing themselves in favour of all the great men? Shouldn’t we believe in our own competence, accomplishments or capabilities? Shouldn ́t we walk with pride? Shouldn’t we simply assume a little hubris?

Faced with the choice of being perceived as either dull or arrogant; should we settle for anything less than deliciously elegant?

Designer: Emelie Janrell, Stylist: Christopher Insulander, Link Details, Hair: Erika Svedjevik, Link Details, with products by Oribe, Make up: Ignacio Alonso, Link Details, Nails: Frida Selkirk, Music mix: Carl Hägred, Show Coordinator: Christopher Insulander, Link Details, Casting: Lotta Carlstén Link Details, Shoes: Rebecca Björnsdotter, Jewellery: Aurie Fine Accessoiries from Glitter



Labrys is the second collection from Emelie Janrell to be shown at Stockholm fashion week. It is an exclusive collection signified by hand embroidery and metallic detailing. Emelie Janrell has drawn inspiration from power-women of times past, and she has focused on different aspects of the notion of dressing for power. She presents a delicate balance between a seductive ruler and a woman equipped for battle in a majestic colour scheme from poppy to golden olive.

Designer: Emelie Janrell Stylist: Christopher Insulander, Link Details Make up: Ignacio Alonso, Link Details Nails: Frida Selkirk Music: Carl Hägred Show Coordinator: Christopher Insulander, Link Details Casting: Olle Edvard Öman



Coup De Grâce is the first full collection to be shown at fashion week, a premier collection that stands on its own; with vibrant colours ranging from purpur to saffron, embroidered pearls, shells and gems on delightfully seductive garments.

The collection explores classic notions of femininity, craftsmanship as art and without compromising the empowerment of owning your own body.

The absence of black as a shield is as apparent as working with exclusive materials, exceptional execution and power dressing the female shape.

Emelie Janrell


Emelie Janrell is based in Stockholm Sweden, where she makes exclusive collections, as well as artistic collaborations. The collections are sold solely as made-to-measure, where each garment is put together at the atelier at Södermalm. Balanced cuts, clean lines and meticulous craftsmanship characterize Emelie Janrell’s design. Nothing is left to chance, whether it be advanced constructions or dapper details, the inside of each garment is handled with as much consideration as the outside.


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