We have chosen to show Daisy Grace’s Spring 2017 collection ”Sweet Rebel” on the same day as its launch. The reason for this? We live in a world where we constantly get inspired by social media and the every-day fashion scene that we see on the streets. This is why we want our designs to be available to our customers during the season that we are in.
We wanted our collection to bring out a feeling of playfulness, sexiness and romance, but also lots of attitude. We were also aiming for a futuristic feeling, which is why we have played around with a lot of ruffles, accentuated shoulders, studs and metallics.
We though about the girl who has that edgy coolness, and who makes fashion happen without a big budget – just an effortless fashion girl. ”We want to honor that power”, says Amanda Schulman, the founder and designer of Daisy Grace.

Designer: Hannah Widell, Amanda Schulman Stylist: Maria Montti Hair: Anna Mirow Make up: Anna Mirow Show Coordinator: Pap Studio Director: Andreas Öhman



“Big City Love” is the name of this collection. It is inspired by the glam and glitz that you can find in the big cities all around the world, such as finding love while drinking a dry martini at a bar; or a hotel with its incredible interior designs; the playful textiles and its heavy velvet curtains. We are also focusing a lot on always staying creative and playful, which is why we have included a lot of bows and puffy sleeves in this collection. The combination of velvet, silk and lace makes this collection exciting, sensual and fearless, with a thin line between the feminine and the masculine. It’s a mix between Daisy and Grace!


Designer Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman Stylist Maria Monti Hair: Marvan Hitti, Bangs Make up MAC Cosmetics Show Coordinator Ulrika Garat and Malin Eklund

Daisy Grace


Daisy Grace is a dualistic brand, where Daisy stands for the excitement, edge and rock – while Grace stands for the more classy, gracious and chic side. For this collection, we wanted to mix romance with edginess: where the soft and romantic ruffles meets the edgy studs. It’s all about mixing and matching!



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