Night crawlers, night prowlers & shimmy shakers.
Dancing the night away with shimmy moves and bottles of booze.

The SS19 collection draws the inspiration from nightly mischievousness and sinful behaviours. From AC/DC’s night prowlers whom riot in the shadows of the night to Gilda Gray and Mae West. The icons of the 1920’s dance move called the Shimmy, which was so raunchy & mischievous that it became banned in dance establishments. The collection come’s in a diversity of shapes and oversized styles. From the supersized “Night Prowler” bags to the slim lined arm candy “Shimmy” clutches. The constructions of the styled edges are inspired of gaffer tape and originates from the idea that you need a quick fix, when something unexpectedly happens & breaks. They are made to look as though they are just moulded into place to finish of the raw edges underneath. Smudged-out eye makeup transforms into an oversized “Messy eye shadow” Print. The print is sealed with a glossy finish and blends in an array of shades from Black – Ocean blue to White.

Carlott Vasberg are showing as a part of Accessories and Jewellery Lounge.

Charlott Vasberg


Charlott Vasberg produced its coveted, debut collection of luxury leather accessories in February 2004. Selfridges immediately negotiated an exclusivity deal for London. The brand then went on to be sold at an international level, to Barneys USA, Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, and many boutiques in Asia, Europe and the Arab Emirates. The relationship with Selfridges produced limited edition collections and impressive sell through led to prestigious areas of the store dedicated to the brand. The Swedish-born designer nurtured her flair for design whilst studying on the prestigious Central St Martins MA Fashion womenswear. Known for her ingeniously designed hardware and its bold use for both decoration and functionality, combined with soft draped leathers and quality craftsmanship.

Influences for Charlott Vasberg’s collections come from a broad range of cultural and design influences. Including architecture and geometric natural forms, accumulating in a product that possesses multi-openings, transformable parts and a combination of carrying options. Intriguing the voyeur which provokes both reaction and interaction towards these visually stimulating pieces.


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