This season Busnel is offering both significant updated classics and unexpected new styles. The materials are wool bouclé, silk, velvet, merino wool, twisted wool, lambskin and down. It is not just the materials that are surprising, but also the exciting material combinations such as merino wool with leather, and down with water resistant merino wool. The range of colours is black, almost black, off white and taupe, with the accent colours ocean blue, burgundy and pearl. Five new leather bags are included in the
collection, and completely new products for the season are sunglasses and leather belts.

“It is always a challenge, but also exciting to be able to present a new season. Our creative consultant Robert Rydberg and I have created a collection which obviously reflects Busnel’s French heritage, but we have also looked westwards. Inspiration has been derived from the American east coast’s relaxed but nevertheless stylish elegance. Bouvier, Long Island and Lasata are some of our themes. The French feminine in combination with the leisured American life style are a perfect combination for the strong, independent woman we are targeting,” explains Louise Falkenberg, designer and owner of Busnel.

The East Side theme includes a coat, short jacket with 3⁄4 arm, shawl and hat in wool bouclé. Long Island includes a coat, pyjama trousers and shirt in silk and velvet jacket, velvet top and wide trousers in velvet. Themé Bouvier is oversized garments in the finest merino wool. Beale includes jacket and sweater in the combination of leather and merino wool, but also a leather skirt with gold fasteners and leather trousers. Porter presents a short down jacket and a coat both with knitted arms in water resistant merino wool.
Designer: Louise Falkenberg Stylist: Robert Rydberg, Link Details  Creative Consultant: Robert Rydberg Hair: Erika Svedjevik
using Oribe, Linkdetails Shoes: Af Klingberg Make up: Anya de Tobon using Chanel, Linkdetails
Music: Alexander Buultjens

Designer: Louise Falkenberg Stylist: Robert Rydberg Stylist assistants: Anna Sundelin, Hilda Sandström and Adam Pettersson Creative Consultant: Robert Rydberg Hair: Erika Svedjevik using Oribe, Linkdetails Shoes: Af Klingberg Make up: Anya de Tobon using Chanel, Linkdetails Music: Alexander Buultjens




Confident and dreamy illusions

Light but not sweet, tough but not harsh, sporty without the traditions – that is what Busnel’s Spring/Summer 18 collection is about.

Staying true to its identity with knits in unexpected ways and taking the Busnel brand for every occasion of the season. Always with the French roots translated into the silhouette, shape and confidence of Scandinavia. The conversation is about the romantic yet edgy twist and dreamy layers.

The woman we picture looks modern and romantic with a strong and positive attitude. The feminine silhouette and the ton sur ton pastel colours are central in this collection. Unique for this season are the logo jacquard knits, as well as the dreamy beachwear and the leather bags.

High quality with French production and luxury fabrics always characterise Busnel’s collections. Wool items as classic trench coats, pleated pieces in cotton blends provide the complete summer wardrobe look. Clean silhouettes, graceful sleeves and marked waists create effortless statement pieces.

Designer: Louise Falkenberg Creative Consultant: Robert Rydberg Stylist: Robert Rydberg Hair: Erika Svedjevik Make up: Anya De Tobon Music: Alexander Buultjens Show Coordinator: Roy Ghazizadeh/ Patriksson Communication Shoes: Af Klingberg



An active lifestyle continues to inspire Busnel without losing the French heritage. The woman we picture for the autumn/winter 2017 collection is independent and feminine. She finds herself easily transforming her style for any occasion, from a dressy day in town to a casual day in the Alps.
Highlights in the collection are the Thin Stripes, such as the long coat, straight trousers, short jacket and the pencil skirt. The idea of the tailored set is central in this theme. The Merinos is also a favourite part of the collection, which includes ready to wear pieces with an urban chic touch. The sensual shapes, multiple functions and the super soft fabric are the strengths of The Felted Wool theme.
The look is elegant, yet casual, it plays with the contrasts of volume, tailoring and femininity. Focusing on the details and the silhouettes such as the tailored waist, slits and long sleeves. The collection also presents an interesting mix of materials like satin silk, leather, merino wool, silk jacquard, cashmere, cotton poplin and boiled wool. The colour palette is found in nature which includes shades of noir, blue foncé, gris claire, beige claire, bordeaux and taupe.
The Busnel woman enjoys the combination of the effortless and fashion forward, the true essence of a stylish look.
Creative Director: Busnel/Robert Rydberg Stylist: Robert Rydberg Stylist assistants: Hilda Sandström & Anna Sundelin Hair: Erika Svedjevik Makeup: Anya De Tobon Music: Martin Kling & Fredrik Stjärne



Active lifestyles continue to inspire Busnel. The Spring and Summer collection 2017 focuses on the Busnel women and her classic and exclusive approach to fashion. Her active lifestyle results in various occasions to dress for, which have inspired this collection’s four themes; Metropole, Skipper, Safari and Croce.

Metropole is a timeless theme with Busnel’s most popular classics. Knitted jackets and silk tops with golden B-buttons in color combinations such as sand/white, pink/white, marin/white and off-white/black. Pieces that goes with everything and can be worn by everyone.

Skipper adds a navy feeling to the collection. Busnel classics like the Skipper jacket with anchor buttons, characterises the line and can preferably be worn together with other favourites such as striped tops and crispy white shirts.

Safari is a theme with luxury items and an urban feeling. A color scheme that includes sand and deep green makes it fashion forward yet clean and classic. Silk printed items and short jackets are characteristic pieces for this part of the collection.

Croce is the most romantic theme in the collection. It adds a soft and sweet feeling with nuances from light beige to dusty pink and materials like cashmere, wool and cotton. The perfect choice when aiming for a feminin summer look.


Designer Marita Werngren Stylist Robert Rydberg
Hair Karolina Liedberg Make up Josefin Zarmén
Show Coordinator Robert Rydberg



The collection is created using natural materials such as wool, cashmere, merino, silk, suede and nappa. Metallic yarns and gun metal buttons is new for this season. Several garments are available in a variety of styles to suit every occasion and needs and can easily be combined according to your own lifestyle and taste. The colour palette includes creme, nougat, camel, antracit, marin and black.

Today’s fashion requires more as we regularly change climate and environment. The driving force is to create a Lifestyle Collection with focus on today’s needs.

Knitwear and functionality are keywords with emphasis on soft and pleasing qualities. Favourites to take on a trip, being comfy in at home or looking stylish at work. Soft warm garments that fit perfectly with todays layering trend.

Busnel Lifestyle collection Autumn/Winter 16 provides many opportunities to build a personal wardrobe and mix classic pieces with fashion inspired garments for a modern and individual look.

Designer: Marita Werngren Stylist: Marita Werngren och Aistė Šuliokaitė Hair: Kar Eklund Make-up: Miika Kemppainen, MIKAs LOOKs Music: Alf Tumble Show Coordinator: Busnel/PaP Studio



Busnel was registered by Monsieur and Madame Busnel in 1920. They built their own factory in Dinan by the French west coast. They created a lifestyle brand in the highest quality wool. The Fisherman’s sweater soon become a trademark for the brand. Busnel supplied the French army with knitted products during the second world war.

During the 1970’s the knitted Victoria Jacket with the golden anchor buttons became a symbol of the breakthrough for the chic modern woman. Scandinavia became the leading market between the decades 1970-2000. In 2009 the brand was bought by Louise Falkenberg who set out to carefully rejuvenate the brand.

Busnel is still a well known fashion brand in Scandinavia and has a growing position on the European market. The brand still focus on luxury fabrics and clean silhouettes for the chic woman of today. The style shall give a confident, feminine and well dressed look.


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