The Autumn/Winter Collection 2016 reflects a dialogue between the Japanese culture and the modern western European world.

The collection moves in waves reminiscent of the 1950’s film genre La Nouvelle Vague: when surreal images were independent of linear storylines and mainly strived for clear and intense imagery. The AW collection evokes the same feminine strength through a surreal expression of emotions; lust is juxtaposed with religion, geometry breaks with fluidity, and illumination against the faded.

Staying true to our aesthetics, we translate the asymmetric oriental shapes and sometimes surreal image to the sophistication of our silhouettes. Rendering a new kimono-esque form” says Randa Saome and Natalia Altewai, designers of AltewaiSaome.

The longing of the heart finds its completion in reality; as romantic as the northern English estates, as severe as it’s surrounding, as raw and truthful as our minds. A touch of English tailoring is entangled in the collection.

The palette for the Autumn / Winter Collection includes shades of grey, camel, the immortal black and a very pure tone of white.

Designer: Randa Saome & Natalia Altewai Stylist: Randa Saome & Natalia Altewai Music: Dubios Studio Set Design: PAP Studio Show Coordinator: Patriksson Communication




Founded in 2009, ALTEWAISAOME is a fashion brand that offers an eclectic mix of Scandinavian simplicity and international high fashion. Behind the brand are the two Swedish born designers Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome. During the years leading up to starting ALTEWAISAOME the founders spent several years studying and working for different fashion houses in Italy.

ALTEWAISAOME combines clean lines and monochrome colors with unique details and mixed fabrics in a stylistic and international character. The brand has emerged as one of the most talked about new designers on the Scandinavian fashion scene and is now showing their tenth collection at Stockholm Fashion Week.


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