A 1987 portrait of model Rachel Williams in a silver mini dress by designer David Cameron marked the beginning of Absolut Fashion, a long and fruitful collaboration between Absolut Vodka and the fashion world.

Over the following 30 years, Absolut Vodka teamed up with some of the world’s most prominent and progressive designers, photographers and models, creating unique campaigns and capsule collections that pushed the boundaries of fashion, photography and advertising. Including early collaborations with names such as Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier and Tom Ford the Absolut Fashion Initiative did not just capture the history of fashion, but helped shape it.

The collaborations have spawned a vast archive of unique fashion and photography, for years tucked away in an underground storage in the deep woods of southern Sweden. During an exclusive event at Fashion Week Stockholm S/S 2019, selected pieces from the archive will be displayed as part of an interactive installation. Following their tradition to support pioneering designers, The Absolut Company is also uncovering brand new additions to the Absolut Fashion collection by up and coming Swedish designers HAAL, Nhu Duong and Per Götesson – giving the audience a glimpse of the iconic fashion of tomorrow.

Concept and Creative Direction: Studio Bon Photographer: Axel Lindahl Stylist: Naomi Itkes Set designer: Lisa Berkert Wallard, Link Details Models: Mia, Le Management Jin, Nisch Management, Lydia Hair & make: Regina Törnwall, Lundlund Photo assistant: Ellen Nykvist & Magnus Bergkvist Stylist assistant: Sofia Wikström Production: Studio Bon

Absolut Iconic


A long-term champion for creativity and progression, Absolut has an unparalleled history of discovering and supporting pioneering designers, artists and creatives.

For the first time ever, The Absolut Company will display selected pieces from the Absolut Vodka’s Fashion archive, representing more than three decades of progressive fashion history. Brand new additions by up and coming designers HAAL, Nhu Duong and Per Götesson will also be revealed.

Absolut Iconic: Josefina Zarmén & Josefin Gligic, Linkdetails. Set Designer: Lisa Berkert Wallard, Linkdetails. Stylist: Naomi Itkes. Stylist assistant: Sofia Wikström & Amanda Hörlin.


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