Designer chat: Nhorm

Hanna Rudebeck and Mathilda Nilsson are the designer duo behind the brand NH(O)RM. Here they talk to us about their upcoming – beachwear inspired – collection and why Nhorm continues to team up with the creative platform Amaze.

Fashion Week Stockholm is happy to have you back in the capital of Sweden, especially since you’re based in Malmö these days. What’s Malmö like as a fashion city?
”We left Stockholm for Malmö, not looking for a fashion metropole but for a stable foundation and a higher quality of life. However, what we found was a city with a lot of fashion personality, varied and inspiring street style and we both found work as fashion designers on the side of Nhorm.”

What is Nhorm SS19 about?
”It’s a continuation of our SS18 collection with inspiration from beachwear, but this time we’ve been digging deeper in our own archive – mixing seasonal detailing such as bikini references, fresh water beads and white linen with typically Nhorm-esque printed silk scarves, ponchos and draped silhouettes.”

This season, Nhorm is collaborating with the creative platform Amaze. Do you think this will affect how the audience perceive your collection?
”Yes, it sets us in the Amaze universe for sure, which is a distinct world of its own. But then, we’ve been showcasing under Amaze’s flag since the very first Amaze event so we’re already a part of that universe.”

What makes Nhorm and Amaze a good match?
”We share an aesthetic, and also share an idea of how to exist in the fashion industry. We’ve deliberately positioned ourselves on the side of the traditional and commercial ways of doing fashion as well as working cross-border with different artistic orientations.”

Around the time you presented your SS17-line you told us here that moving forward, you intended to maintain the direction your brand was on “but with (some) revenue happening”. Are you still on the same path?
”Definitely, and even more so. For this season, we’ve had a real production for the first time. With this season’s show we’re simultaneously launching our webshop, with a smaller range of products – some products are more merch and entry-price oriented, and some are more advanced with a price tag to match.”