Designer chat: NAND

Nette Sandström is the creator and one-woman show behind the Stockholm based brand NAND. We took the opportunity to have a little chat with the ambitious designer.

NAND is a relatively new brand, founded in 2014. Tell us about your biggest challenge and your proudest moment so far.
My biggest challenge is also what I’m most proud of, which is that I’m the only one in the company. It’s a lot of hard work and a never ending story of issues to solve so sometimes I just need to breathe slowly and be proud of what I’ve already achieved.”

What makes NAND unique?
”I’ve worked a lot with pockets constructed in different ways and sleeve details to create a clear signum for NAND.”

The titles of your latest collections seem to tap into current topics. Is this intentional?
“Yes, today you can’t avoid being aware of how messed up society is. What we wear is political whether we want to or not. In the beginning of the process I focus more on pattern making, shapes and details. Then, when I’m about halfway through the process the more atmospheric inspiration starts, and from there I think of interesting topics I want the collection to express.”  

How would you describe NAND SS19?
“Colourful, graphic silhouettes with elongated details, and a bit nostalgic.”   

What is your relationship to Fashion Week like, and what does being a part of FWS mean to you?
“It’s new and good. NAND is still a small brand and it’s the first time I make a collection this big. I’m excited to show it at FWS, especially since it allows me to reach out to more people.”

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