Designer chat: Little Liffner

Little Liffner is the brainchild of Paulina Liffner von Sydow. We talked to the designer about her accessories brand that, despite its Scandinavian roots, dares to be colourful.

Who is your customer?
”The Little Liffner girl is confident in her skin and style and feels no need to show off labels. Rather, she loves her fashion to be a little incognito. She is someone who loves to go places and do things so she needs a bag that works on any occasion. Stylewise, she appreciates clean lines and nice materials, and even though her style might be Scandinavian, she likes a splash of well-chosen colour.”

Your bags are appreciated for being versatile, what other elements must a bag embody to qualify as a Little Liffner?
”A certain element of refinement and timelessness. There has to be a little something to create that ”come hither”-effect, may it be the material’s texture, a bold colour or alluring shape.”   

The name Little Liffner makes me think that the brand, and every accessory you create, is an extension of you. Is that how you see it too?
”In one sense yes, as each style is a creature of my personal taste and imagination. But on the other hand, I feel like the bags very much live their own lives in the hands of the customer, which is kind of the point. I often talk about the bags being a blank canvas on which the wearer can project any style she likes at the moment.”   

What can the Little Liffner fan look forward to in your upcoming designs?
”Lots of development and novelty, made in a discreet and focused way. This season we’ve cleaned things up and made room for new shapes and styles – daring to be a little more artistic, exploring organic shapes and sculptural details.”

How do you envision this season’s presentation?
”We hope it will be an experience that is visually intriguing and energising. The presentation is made in collaboration with artist Evelina Kroon, who has created an immersive and colourful manifestation of the brand using #littleliffnerloves as a starting point.”  

What does being a part of Fashion Week Stockholm mean to you?
”It’s a way to connect with the outside world and to show what we are and where we want to go. We’re excited!”