You’ve said that the story of Lazoschmidl is a continuous story. What is it about?
“We apply the tools of writing to create clothes. Each collection begins with words, building an overarching conceptual thought. Based on descriptions and fictions of an outfit, drawings are developed and looks being organized in chapters. The content of the story depends on its protagonist, the wearer.”

What do you want your clothes to say about the person wearing them?
“We would like to promote the freedom and option to dress up. To spark secret admiration in strangers.”

You create your collections together, but from two different countries. How do you collaborate being this far apart?
“With instant messaging and digital tools. What is digital and what is real does not differ any longer. Yet, the foundation of each collection, the research of fabrics and the fanzine photo shoot are always done together. At the same place, at the same time, in real life.”

Do you have any muses?
“Maybe not in the process of creating, but in hindsight the AW17 collection would look great on Tony Ward, Vincent Gallo or Skeet Ulrich. In general, Britney Spears, Shania Twain and Cher are continuous reference points.”

Your brand seems to explore the way we perceive gender in society, but also how to break boundaries. In what ways do you wish to change the industry’s view on gender?
“We are trying to give an answer to a changed view on reality. It seems to be a very current debate, but looking back, society has been much further already. Compared to the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, today’s ‘boundary-breaking’ fashion feels quite safe. Men in platform heels, cropped tops and sequined shirts were nothing unusual back then.”

If you were to anchor your fashion in one defining moment, which would it be?
“Walking on 10th Avenue in New York and seeing a supersized billboard with the artwork of Gilbert & George, we were amazed by the cast, coloration but also the principle of life-long artistic collaboration. Our fashion is motivated by that emotion.”

Which personal memories are being reflected in Lazoschmidl AW17?
“The taste of raspberry and liquorice ice cream is both a memory and an inspiration for this season.”

Your aesthetic vision is very fun and minimalistic, is the fashion industry fun enough today?

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