What are the signature pieces of AW17?
“Refined generics such as an oversized duffel coat and western inspired belts in patent leather.”

Where does the inspiration come from?
“After a turbulent year in politics and in the current climate of international chaos we wanted to create a positive collection mediating strength. It is important to take a stand and empower people that inspire you. The world seems to be increasingly intolerant and we thought of the important work done by the Black Lives Matter movement. We looked back at the Black Panther Party who worked for the same cause more than 35 years ago. With their uniform look they earned recognition throughout the world. This was the starting point for the collection, the forceful group. We think of the collection as our contribution to an unconventional uniform for a young activist. Generic, strong garments to make you feel protected and forceful.”

What do you want your items to say about the person who wears your designs?
“A person of greatness, elevated and forceful.”


Do you have any muses?
“I do not have muses as such but work in collaboration with wonderful and inspirational people. Patrik, Bengt, Naomi, Google, Instagram, Martin, kids. Both at the office and in private life.”

What did you want to be when you grew up?
“An adult.”

What is your guilty pleasure?
“Watching tv-series instead of reading.”

Do you have any personal motto for this season?
“To be humble, strong and to stand out.”

You recently created a campaign about changes. What is it that you want to change and why?
“We support individuality and confidence. There is no reason why anyone should feel limited by the conventions of womens-and menswear. Garments have no gender, this is a construction we must let go of. What we wear and how we wear it is personal and not a chosen focus – whether we are born a man or woman.”

The industry has been criticised for being excluding. How can designers be more including?
“By stepping out of their comfort zones. We are so used to showing designs in certain ways, and a certain type of people. The world is changing, people’s minds are changing. We need to start looking around us with different eyes. Be contemporary and relevant. Since we work for people I think it’s crucial to be responsive to what the masses want. To show our customers that we are sensible to their wishes and then do our best to visualize it.”

What do you wish to contribute to Swedish fashion?
“Forceful fashion with a joyful spirit.”