Designer chat: Amaze

The creators behind Amaze may not be fashion designers, but they design fashion presentations that seek to challenge the traditional runway. This season, Amaze returns to FWS – after previous successes – to curate a show in collaboration with the brand Nhorm. We spoke to its co-founder, the stylist Nicole Walker, about fashion shows that feel welcoming and why Amaze was created in the first place.

Amaze is a unique platform bridging fashion and art. What were the intentions behind starting Amaze, and what do you wish to achieve with it?
”Amaze has always been based on the idea of communal creativity. Amaze grew out of a lack of a more creative fashion community in Stockholm.
With Amaze we always want to break barriers, push boundaries and continue the exploration of what fashion and art can be.”

Do you think the traditional runway format needs to be challenged more often?
”Absolutely. In fashion, tradition and repetition take up way too much space; questioning the way things function is crucial to development. We don’t think sticking to rules is the way forward.
Amaze is not only about presenting fashion conceptually, but also about seeing the ways we can develop fashion toward better solutions.”

Amaze is fluid in its form, but what defines an Amaze event?
”The only thing that defines an Amaze event is the communal effort. The projects we present are never about one person’s expression or idea, there are always so many different creative contributors in one project. We are interested in how the creative process is affected when a lot of different people get involved. We also care about the atmosphere a lot, ever since the first Amaze event we wanted to create a space where people feel enlightened and inspired. We want what we do to feel welcoming.”

In what ways do you think Amaze and Nhorm is a good match?
”Amaze and Nhorm have collaborated since the beginning. Nhorm keeps questioning and evolving and we just love what they do. When we were invited to show at Fashion Week Stockholm SS19, it felt like an obvious thing that we would collaborate and host an event together. We share a lot of values and that’s a beautiful thing.”

What can we expect to see during this season’s FWS under Amaze’s curation?
”For this season’s Amaze we are presenting an idea, a vision, a dream, a utopian state of being.”

Have you decided on a theme?
Overcoming the borders between us – Stay tuned.”

Want to know more about Amaze? This link is for you.