Photo: Filippa K

Along with the current owner of the Swedish Fashion Council, Association of Swedish Fashion Brands will form a new organization. Föreningen Svenskt Mode, Svensk Handel Stil, TEKO, Stockholmsmässan and Trade Partners Sweden/Stockholm Fashion District will operate together to strengthen the Swedish fashion industry.

During several of years ASFB and SFC has approached each other, under the existing leading, both strategically and operative with an underlying mission – to collect, promote and strengthen Swedish fashion and to support internationalization as well as working with questions such as sustainability, digitalization, innovation and culture.

“During the past years the interplay between AFSB and SFC in their own projects and with the public and the private sector has evolved and strengthened. To formalize this collaboration it is a natural step forward, which I look forward to run,” says Jennie Rosén, the new head of SFC.

Along with ASFB and SFC, Fashion Week Stockholm will also be a part of the new organisation. “The Swedish fashion wonder” today turn over 305 billions SEK around the year, they represent 11 percent of Sweden’s total export and they are the country’s fastest growing export industry. Despite this there is still potential to strengthen the industry, which this collaboration will contribute with.

“Fashion Week Stockholm plays a big part both for the local platform and the designers, as well as in the international arena for buyers and press. We stand positive to unite our forces together with SFC and we welcome the phase of this collaboration” says Lena Patriksson Keller, the chairman of the board at ASFB and co-founder of Patriksson Communication.

ASFB’s general secretary Emma Ohlson will exit her position to take on new assignments after three years at the position. Fashion Week Stockholm fall/winter 2018 will therefore become Emma Ohlson’s last task as general secretary.